Neurodevelopmental conditions and the Natural Remedy

Neurodevelopmental Disorders are a disruption of the brain which results in gaps or delays in the way a child’s brain and nervous system develops. Currently 1 in 6 children In the U.S. is said to have a neurodevelopmental disorder. The most common are Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Children with these disorders have difficulty processing incoming sensory input to the brain. This disorganization can lead to inefficient motor, learning or emotional challenges as well as tactile issues. Common findings with kids with difficulty with input can include behavioral issues, crankiness or moodiness, picky eaters, colic, difficulty sleeping, chronic sickness, chronic asthma or allergies. The chaos in their nervous systems translates to chaos in other systems.

What can be done naturally to help?
Dr. Amy specializes in pediatric chiropractic and is one of the unique practitioners working with Intersect for kids. These chiropractors can neurologically test when the disconnection has occurred based on stresses on the nervous system that had occurred in early development. Once the stresses and imbalances have been identified, brain exercises, cranio-sacral, specific chiropractic, and nutritional supplementation can be recommended.

Your child has innate potential to be well and support a healthy system. It is when stresses are placed on that system that the body has to react and adapt. Adaption is the body’s ability to reroute and continue to grow, much like a plant that grows towards the light. However when too much stress is placed our internal and external environment that body is limited in how it can continue to adapt and grow in a positive way. Identifying and removing the stress on the child’s delicate nervous system can help the body to heal and relearn what it craves to do, be a healthy well adapted child.

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