Kinesiology Taping

This elastic therapeutic taping method has become popular in use for rehabilitation and healing. The tape is designed to move with the body, not limiting your movement. K-tape is breathable and depending on the brand, comes in a variety of colors and different options for skin sensitivity and form of activity.

What does the tape do?

  1. Pain alleviation is achieved by the tapes ability to act on receptors found in the skin. This effect alters the signal to the brain and results in modulation of pain sensation.
  2. The adhesive design creates a convoluted pattern, resulting in microscopic separation of the skin and fascia which facilitates lymphatic drainage for improved clearance of inflammatory waste.
  3. Application of the tape also provides different feedback from local receptors in the skin, which in turn, increases awareness of possible hypotonic or neurologically weakened muscles to relieve pain. Basically, you feel the tape, so you are now more aware of the tissue surrounding it.